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Customer Complaints Desk:

Please state your complaint clearly, in a concise manner. Be polite, we are here to help.

Customer Complaints Desk: I know, I know. The book or books didn't live up to your expectations. I'm truly sorry to hear that.

But have you thought of the possibility that the problem is not with the author but with you the reader? Have you for instance read the fine print that requires all readers to approach the work in question with an open mind, without pre-bias and most importantly with a willingness to engage?

Any book is a collaboration between the author and his/her audience. True, the author is required to create a quality product, but it is also true that the reader must, and I emphasize the must, bring his own imagination to the reading.

Whereas the author is the originator of the material, the ultimate director of the script is the reader. It is expected, by all industry standards, that the reader has to animate the story board the author submits to his attention. A reader should be able to fill in all the gaps in detail the writer has no time for, make correct inferences from the "between-the-lines" material, to be generally receptive and willing to identify with the main character.

And, most importantly, there must be a certain degree of goodwill on both sides. Each must accommodate and facilitate the interaction. The author must have sympathy for the reader, present readable material, and the reader must accept basic premises of the work or keep an open mind and allow the author to lead him/her into new territory.

Our author Mr. Telegdi endeavored to his utmost to create a story to your satisfaction, amusement and/or learning. He has gone to extraordinary lengths to make his work plausible, to assemble a rich tapestry of details for the reader to get lost in, and to provide a complex, multi-layered plot to entice and intrigue. He freely lets you look inside the hero's head, provides motivation, and a logical realistic sequence of action.

And, yes, it must be admitted, Mr. Telegdi puts his hero through hell and high water (to provide challenges to overcome, to create suspense and the razzle-dazzle of excitement). But in no instance does he violate the reader's trust by causing his heroes irreparable damage, always cognizant of the bond he forges with his characters and the public. Anything else would be an attack on the reader him/herself.

Mr. Telegdi is careful to provide a complete story. He is careful to tie up all loose ends and leave the reader with a glow of satisfaction to take into the next book (hopefully also by him).

I hope this has been helpful in resolving any issues with the book(s).

And I thank you for coming in, and bringing your reactions to our attention. When we first started, Mr. Telegdi was willing to come to your house to explain subplots or points of dispute, but with his present success he is unable to keep up with the demand and depends on his front personnel to deal with it.

From my own experience I thank you kindly for coming in. It's such a rare event as we get so few complaints. I really have much too little to do.

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