Word Factory

Employees Only

This space is reserved for the convenience of our employees. All unauthorized personnel are asked to leave immediately.

Remember to leave this space as clean as you found it. No smoking please!

Note: the premises are monitored! ( let's listen in)

Doyle: It's a mad house out there!

Joyce: The Garage Sale is going great. I hardly have any merchandise left. We must reorder slightly-used words and rare-phrases soon or we'll have nothing to sell.

Sandy: Some visitors to Dreamcast 2 can't refrain from tickling the soles on the cover. I have to constantly wipe off fingerprints.

Doyle: You think that's bad? In the Factory Floor Tour I had to pull a kid out of the Extrusion Machine. He wanted to be made extra bold.

Joyce: I had to scrape gum off the console of the menu bar.

Sandy: Have you heard? Management wants to triple web traffic to the site in 2011 and go viral by 2012.

Joyce: Like that's going to happen...

Doyle: Isn't that when the world is supposed to end according to the Mayan calendar?

Doyle: Don't you find our boss a little overblown?

Sandy: You mean Mr. Telegdi?

Doyle: Who else? He thinks too highly of himself. Thinks he can write and foist second rate books on the reader and the market. He's so compulsive that it makes my skin crawl.

Sandy: Really? I find him well-informed and perceptive.

Doyle: Ple-e-ease. He has no sense of moderation and demonstrates a singular lack of balance. He overwrites, over explains and overdoes everything ad nauseam. And look at all the adjectives he throws around to spice up his alphabet soup. Splits infinitives like he's chopping wood.

Sandy: A little, maybe. But look at the elaborate pictures he paints, the carefully crafted, delicate, emotional subtext, and the well thought out inner psychological reality...

Doyle: Give me a break. His characters are self-obsessed, all over the place following a questionable moral compass. Look at all the deaths and mayhem he creates. In fact, all these deficiencies must be a reflection of the inner turmoil of the author.

Sandy: Not so. None of it is autobiographical. He has a fertile imagination which takes him where few dare to venture. He's so versatile that he can project himself beyond the constraints of everyday experience.

Doyle: Sure. He tries to delude his readership. Pure self-aggrandizement.

Sandy: To the contrary. He's extremely sensitive to intrinsic social and ethical values. I never known him to overstep the bounds of civility and decency.

Doyle: I see he's completely brain washed you...

Intercom: Sandy you're promoted. Doyle, clean out your desk, you're fired!

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