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Remembering PT-927

Remembering World War II in the Pacific, aboard an American PT-boat. The main theme is the impact of war on an individual. How does one face the new algorithm of cold mechanized warfare, where people, military or civilian, become fully expendable. It's the story of a lost generation that instead of learning to enjoy life, is thrust into the malestorm of a world at war.

Can anyone survive it? Find themselves safety and a new start in life?

Jordan, an Oklahoma farm boy, is certainly not prepared for the losses that confront him, yet has to adapt and deal with events as they come. Surprisingly, he learns a new meaning for friend and enemy that blurs the differences.

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Born during the last days of the WWII, I felt its impact. The memory of it was present all around me. People talked of it, movies and books documented it. For an impressionable youth this was always a fertile source of thought and inspiration. Yet, I never felt I could do justice to it. But in Remembering PT-927 I tried. It had taken me all these years to carve off a slice of historic events and bring it to life in the story of Jordan. Of course I had over half a century to think about it, letting something incubate that wanted out... and presto, here it is. I feel good about a new accomplishment, fixed safely into words and published for you to enjoy or to disagree with.

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