Word Factory

picture of author courtesy of Malcolm Watts

Paul Telegdi, the author:


As you can see if you have checked out the writer, I have been busy. In fact the author has caught up with the writer, making this page, for all intents and purposes, largely supefluous.


Throughout the years I have always started writing something but was too compulsive to finish anything: it seemed I couldn't get past the third chapter, going back obsessively to rewrite from the beginning until the impulse to write died. Then I discovered word processing, which allowed me to throw such a volume of words at my compulsivity that it collapsed under its own gargantuan weight. Finally I had something, a complete book. From then on another book joined the collection every year, until I now have 18 in various stages of disrepair. From time to time, I would fire off a query letter to a publisher/agent and would wait and hope for a reply. After some years I got tired of waiting and decided to publish on my own. Hence Dreamcast and its derivatives.

Then more books followed. Writing them is the easy part. Much harder is editing. Revisiting text, it seems endlessly, until one day, the book is mature enough to go out the door and face the public (making room in the nest for the next generation). Believe me a writer is like an anxious parent, over invested in the offspring's future, hoping it does well on its own. The final judgment is, of course, up to the reader: was it worth it?

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