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Malcolm Watts: poet, writer, photographer, friend, a man of many talents. Author of Reflections From Shadow. A retired social worker, now has time to devote to his many interests, ranging from politics to reviews of movies and plays. He is president of the Aurora Writers Group and he oversaw the publishing of 3 anthologies by the group.

Heidi Bailey: writer, horsewoman, countrygal, mother, blogger extraordinaire. Working on coming of age book, Trouble Will Find Us. Heidi returned to her roots in the Ontario's Mennonite enclave, enjoying rural living and working with her horses. She loves Johnny Depp, wide-wide range of music, rubber boots, her barn and girl talk (just kidding). She drives a 20-year old GMC pickup with bales of hay in the back. Need I say more? She is a most worthwhile person to drop in on.

Heidi Willis: photographer, author of the wonderful debut novel, Some Kind of Normal. She is an extremely perceptive writer with mastery of many nuanced expressions and intricatelly vowen storyline. She is an inspiration both for her message and for her skill in presenting it. I highly recommend getting to know her and have high expectation for her.

Marina Nemat: author of bestselling Prisoner Of Teheran. Fleeing persecution in Iran, including incarceration in the notorious Evin prison during her teen years, Marina found a home in Ontario, and her voice as an author with her riveting and evoking autobiographical book. She is much in demand as a speaker and spokesperson. An eloquent writer, who had found inspiration and strength to survive even in the most demanding circumstances. Her second book, After Tehran, is now available, documenting her struggles to overcome the continuing impact of her traumatic experiences, finding a new role for herself in becoming a humanitarian advocate.

Eden R. Watt: a busy executive with an international software firm, she finds time to write and is the author of a futuristic new age fantasy, Vision Speak. The book explores the quest of a future society to evolve a safe haven after cataclysmic devastation caused by wars and political/religious machinations. The writing is supported by strong character development, lots of plot twists and intriguing symbolism.

Heather Anne Lambert is a prolific freelance writer of books, short stories, articles and copy for media and public relations. She has an amazing enthusiasm for writing and attacks any project with an overflow of energy. If your tastes incline toward the dark and exotic tales of vampires then you will find her breakout book Cassius: Blood Rights both chilling and fascinating. What makes Cassius unique among vampires is that he has not forgotten being human once and is troubled by a conscience that wars with his bloodlust.

Ava Homa: author of Echoes From The Other Land. Iranian born writer, now settled in Toronto, Ava gives her readers many insights into the lives of women trapped in a represive society imposed by the excesses of the current regime. The themes of her stories are intensely personal, from the viewpoint of everyday women, struggling against the restrictions of their lives, still finding in this clausterphobic confinment desires, hopes and dreams that motivate all of us. Ava's own Persian herritage is the delightful flavouring to add spice to her stories. Ava teaches, conducts creative writing workshops, and hopefully, working hard on her next book.

Richard Todd: author of thriller, Raincloud, a thought provoking exploration of personal and social evil. Richard is following up his success with the soon to be published second novel, The Orphans of the Creek. He is working on a sequel to Raincloud, Dirty. Angry., as part of the Scanlon Creek Chronicles. Richard is on the circuit, reading, attending book signings, promoting his work. Best of luck, Richard.

Aurora Writers' Group: We meet on the fourth Monday of the month, 7:30 to 9:00, at the Aurora Town Hall.

The group's aim is to encourage and support one another's writing aspirations, mentor and foster talent, share information and be a sounding board for its members.

Bradford Writers' Circle: contact Pat at bwgwriterscircle@yahoo.ca.
Meets every third Tuesday of the month, 7:00 to 9:00 at the Bradford-West Gwillimbury Library.

Same as above. Provide a comfortable opportunity for writers to come together, to share and rejoice in each other's successes.

Writes' Community of York Region: see website at http://wcyork.ca.
an umbrella group that meets once a month to provide support and resources for writers as posted on its website.

Words Alive: literary festival on the grounds of Sharon Temple, drawing on the creative watershed north of Toronto. Usually it is held around September in Sharon, Ontario. Meet authors, writers, guest speakers and the curious for an informative, congenial time together.

Unfortunately this important event is on hold, hopefully only temprorarily.

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