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16 Stones

Chaiko wants his family to visit Dawn's people, the People of the Elk, who follow the migrating herds of elks. But first he has to fulfill the promises he made to the Tolmecs and spend time among them as their Sprit Guide. The Standing-Rock delegation is received with mixed feelings and expectations. Chaiko has to feel his way careful among competing interests. A young man in his retinue gets involved with a Tolmec girl, which results in further complications.

After his return, Chaiko and Dawn set off for the Ekulan. Here too, they are received with less than a warm welcome, and Chaiko again has a fight on his hands to validate themselves. When he proves useful to the Ekulan, he and his are finally welcomed and Dawn can enjoy her reunion with family and friends.

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A travelogue is always fun. It was interesting to watch cultures mixing, trying to establish contact and achieve understanding with each other. It gave me a chance to introduce new characters, and tell their stories.

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