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17 Stones

The Standing-Rock Clan is on the way to the Gathering of all clans, an event that takes place every four years. This time it is hosted by the Black-Pearl Clan under the sway of the Head-Shaman, Corrigan Lebow. Knowing the boundless ambition of the man, Chaiko is apprehensive but is looking forward to sitting on the Council of Shamans and most significantly learning about the spiritual world, something that he has been struggling with for a long time.

One by one the clans arrive, joyously greet friends and relatives, and indulge in all the activities offered for their entertainment and learning. There is a lot to see and experience in all kinds of contests and athletic competitions. The only shadow on the event is Corrigan's limitless craving for attention and adulation, but the more he wants the less he gets. Feeling slighted, Corrigan retaliates, singling Chaiko out for his ire. The turmoil overtakes the whole Gathering and produces unexpected results.

Fighting a constant battle of wits with Corrigan, Chaiko also tries to learn all he can of the legendary shaman Bogan from the people who had known him personally. In him, Chaiko hopes to learn the answers to all the questions that have so far eluded him.

17 Stones is also the story of Ruba and Cora; how Ruba faces the rejection and how he finds the secret to her heart.

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Like the other books of this series, this was fun to write. My pen never dried up once and was never stopped by the dreaded writer's block. It confirmed for me once again, that well established characters are quite capable of writing their own stories. The learning curve for me was to have trust in the process. Overall I felt that I was the junior partner in this undertaking. It certainly seemed that each book was easier to write.

Again, I can't thank my wife enough for her unfailing support and collaboration to get all my books out the door. Without her help I couldn't have been half (make that a quarter) as productive as I am with it. In a way, these books have been a bridge between us to help strengthen our relationship and love. I wish that all of you could find such ties to enrich your lives.

And as always, I wish you a good journey through my books and thank you for reading them. Let me know how you made out. My only disappointment is that I get so few comments on my work.

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