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Dreamcast 3

Dreamcast 3 is a four part book:

Marble Collection

Travis finds out a few unexpected things about his children and has to deal with them. His daughter gets into serious trouble at school and faces expulsion. Surprise follows surprise. Maclure's niece goes missing and Travis has to help rescue her.

The Cruise

How an idyllic vacation in paradise turns into a nightmare. Travis needs more than just paranormal ability to save himself and his family.

The Haunting

After the death of his father, Travis has a breakdown and is hospitalized. While recovering, he stumbles across more crime to solve.

Big City Dragnet

Travis is invited in the Big City to track down a serial killer. In the process his paranormal abilities are revealed, threatening both his professional and private life.

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One thing I tried very hard to achieve was to present the reader, in every case, with something entirely new, not just reconstituting the story already told just by changing a few basic facts.

I'm not particularly knowledgable about paranormal fiction, but I wanted to try something that was outside my comfort zone, to stretch myself, to see if I could sell it to an audience. I'm not into horror, vampires and ghouls, but thought that the psychic might be within my reach. Actually, I had a lot of positive feedback, like "intense," "gripping," a "page-turner," and the one that pleases me the most, "once I started, I couldn't put it down."

Of course, I'm the number one reader of my work and know how to push my own buttons. The question remaining was, could I push someone else's?

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