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Dreamcast 4

Dreamcast 4 is a four part book:

The Client

One of Amanda's therapy clients goes balistic and Travis has to defend his wife against persistent attacks, resulting in a faceoff between the paranormal and the power of magic.

After the Storm

In the confusing aftermath of a hurricane, girls go missing, and Travis, shorn of his powers, tries to help the police solve the case.

Trial by Jury

During jury duty, Travis stumbles over misscarrige of justice.


A grieving Travis is conscripted by a secret goverment agency for a national secutity assignment.

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I hadn't intended to continue the series: I thought I had achieved all I wanted to in terms of character and plot development and was afraid of repeating myself. However, readers were quite insistent that I haven't exhausted all possibilities and there was lot left to explore. They were right, of course, and we have Dreamcast 4 as a result.

This time I tried to concentrate on Travis learning about his abilites as he faces new challenges. The paranormal is still a mystery for him, and he has to improvise as always. I also wanted to give his children a larger role.

All in the context of life moving on, Travis is maturing and his relationship with his family is changing accordingly. I'm very pleased with the result of dragginbg him through four more harrowing adventures.

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