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On the Razor's Edge (work in progress, anno 2011)

On the Razor's Edge is the story of Mitch Fraser, a rootless young man who runs around with the wrong crowd and gets convicted for a gang rape he had no part in. Though in jail, he tries to prove his innocence, receiving help from unexpected sources, among them from a young woman who looks too naive for the task, but she delivers more than what was asked for.

Basically it is a story of redemption, turning from bad to good, generosity and its reward, all presented in the pressure cooker atmosphere and brutality of prison life.

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The Dreamcast series starts with the young protagonist, Travis Howard, though innocent, trapped in jail, having to extricate himself using his paranormal abilities. I was fascinated by the problem of getting out of prison, so I tried again, this time without resorting to special abilities. The result was a new book, On the Razor's Edge as realistically told as the author's immagination could make it.

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