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Prehistoric "Stones" Series

The Stone Series chronicles the life of Chaiko from his fourteenth year on. He is a member of a clan living in caves, existing by hunting and gathering in a harsh, primitive environment.

Some years previous, Chaiko had lost part of one leg in a landslide and crippled, he is a burden to his clan. In spite of his handicap or driven by it, he finds ways to be useful by relying on his keen intelligence, sharpened even more by his misfortune. However, a normal future appears closed to him as he is seen by the rest as a perpetual dependent unable to assume the duties of an adult member. On the whole, he is continually overlooked.

Chaiko, however, is resourceful, and through many painful experiences finds himself a vital role in the life of the clan.


These books were my first real serious efforts in writing complete books. I thought that by staying in the prehistoric era, I could avoid having to write about history, institutions and rituals, and concentrate on basic core issues and descriptions. I couldn't have been more wrong. I had to serve up, a reduced, but complete world for the reader, devoid of instant recognition of the existing now-world around us.

But as I found out later as I wrote more, I quickly fell in love with the characters I created and wove the story through 5 books.

The names of the books were suggested by the clan's practice of marking each year by a chosen stone.

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