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At the Point of a Quarrel

This is the story of Rogge and Clod, who are forced into heavy labor by a farmer who had bought them from an orphanage. One day, herding swine, they are overtaken by a battle and watch it from hiding. After the armies move off, Rogge and Clod scrounge on the abandoned battlefield. Rogge finds a crossbow of a fine workmanship. They decide not to return to the farm, but head north, to join some mercenaries, who rent themselves out to the French forces gathering to face the English. After a cat and mouse chase across northern France the two armies collide at Agincourt. After the battle is lost, the defeat follows the two friends through the rest of their lives.

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I have often read about the English victory at Agincourt, one of the highpoints of the 100 Year War. But I never got to know the French side of the battle. At the Point of a Quarrel tries to imagine the battle from the French perspective and to work out the aftermath.

Once again I'm in the middle ages, trying somehow to fit in. I'm happy with the book: it takes me on a journey again, but saves me the cost of traveling.

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