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Peoples' Spring: 1848

In the aftermath of the French Revolution and the upheaval of the Napoleonic era, Europe was in turmoil. Sick of the autocratic rule of royalty, people wanted to have more rights and freedoms to govern themselves. In 1848, it all came to a boil and a wave of uprisings, often referred to as the Peoples' Spring, swept through Europe, shaking the foundations of existic power structures.

This book is the story of a young Russian noble, Sergei, who, because of an unfortunate outcome of a duel, had to flee his homeland and for a time finds shelter in Prague. When his money runs out, he is forced to join the Hapsburgh-Czech Army. He attends language school and meets Marika, his teacher.

In 1848 Sergei is caught up in the uprising that reaches Prague. Marika is active in the resistance and Sergei finds himself on the opposite side, ordered to ruthlessly repress the revolution with his troops. In a street battle he spots her on the barricade and when the situation turns hopeless for the revolutionairies, he rescues her from the jaws of death.

Together they flee to Hungary where the uprising is more successful and continue the fight against the Hapsburg tyranny.

Along with the horrors of the battlefield, Sergei struggles to win her love and regard.

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I was always interested in the French Revolution and the rise and fall of Napoleon, but there has been much written about them, so I looked at the aftermath; what happened in 1848? Certainly these turbulent times were monumental for Hungary, the country of my birth. It proved extremely rewarding to work on this book and get into the times. Sadly the revolutions failed, and it took another war in 1914-1918 to accomplishe the hopes of 1848.

And of course I can't resist mixing romance and history. I hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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