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Where Arrows Fly

This is the story of Justin Macord, a young crusading English archer who gets wounded in battle and is shipped back to Europe to recover. Orphaned as a child, he has no family to return to, thus he drifts from place to place. He arrives in the independent town of Roman Wells to deliver the news of the death of his close army friend to his family. Macord is invited to stay, and having no better plans, he does, establishing himself as a fletcher and bow maker.

Macord enrolls in the town's Watch, runs his shop, and joins in the social life of the town. In all his endevours he is a success; there is an archery competition to win, criminals to fight in the forest--a reputation to make. He becomes interested in the daughter of one of the leading families that run the town, but his social standing is unsuitable to her high status. But Macord perseveres.

The independence of Roman Wells is threatened by a neighbouring baron, who, claiming proprietary rights, besieges the town. With his military experience in the Holy Land, Macord becomes the heart and soul of the defence and eventually leads them to victory. But is it enough to gain him the girl he longs for?

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I was tired of all the rewriting I had to do, wishing for something new. Where Arrows Fly grew out of that need. This was a clandestine undertaking, and I was halfway through by the time my wife discovered that I was on something new. She despaired because we have all the other stuff to get out.

Mae culpa. But I'm not really sorry. Justin Macord joined all my other friends.

I have the bad habit of putting my heroes through hell before rewarding them: I let them suffer and struggle to earn their keep. In this case, however, I decided to let Macord have everything except for the one thing he really wanted. He has the Midas touch, but is gold enough?

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