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Seize the Day

This is the story of Marcus, a young Roman legionnaire and of his friend Septimus, who, in 212 AD, fall prey to corruption and are sentenced to the galleys. What follows is their escape and flight (a virtual travelogue of the ancient world), trying to find a safe haven on the edges of the Empire. In far off Pannonia, the two friends find a life among nomads drifting in from the east, and experience many trials on the volatile borderland threatened by barbarian incursions.

Luck is a central concern of the story as Marcus tries to balance between the hazards of army living and the the worship of gods. But which gods? Septimus, older by some years, is a foil and mentor to Marcus. The rest is east meets west: the barbarian lifestyle collides with the decadence of the Empire. Just who is more civilized?

And of course there is as girl, but not the usual girl. This girl challenges Marcus at every turn. Why can't I create manageable heroines?

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I had a wonderful time with this story. Classical Rome had always been one of my interests growing up but so was my Hungarian heritage. By bending time, I brought the two cultures face to face, trying to imagine what it would be like. I'm very pleased with the result and believe that fans of historic fiction would enjoy this book. But be warned, it is not a history book; I won't let historical facts stand in way of a good story.

Again, this book, clocking in at about 160K word, is for the regular publisher. Needs one more edit to confirm spelling, punctuation and right word usage. Interested publishers are invited to contact me.

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