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unLearning Berserk

In this sequel to Learning Berserk, Einar is enjoying his peaceful, domestic life with Willow on the shores of the Bosporus. However a storm is gathering, threatening to sweep away everything he has worked for. At Emperor Alexios' behest, Pope Urban II declares a Crusade to liberate the Holy Land. Armies are on the move, converging on Constantinople.

Amsel falls in love with a girl who doesn't return his affections. He feels compelled to prove his devotion to her. However the outcome is not as expected and Einar is sucked into the conflict as the West battles the East. Events unfold and Einar struggles to keep his family safe and his inner rage under control.

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It was a toss up if I was going to write this book. But I find this period so fascinating that I couldn't resist: a major turning point in history that, even today, defines eastern and western civilizations. Once I started, I couldn't stop. Ideas kept flooding in and I had to remind myself constantly where I was heading and not get sidetracked by interesting possibilities. I hope you will enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

There might be a third book added to this story, depending on readers' reactions and the feedback I get.

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